Dubai city strives to become the top tourist destination in the planet and by the year 2015, that dream will come true as tourists increase quickly each year. It has the biggest population number and is the second biggest among the seven emirates, following Abu Dhabi.

Since 1833, Dubai has been governed by the dynasty of Al Maktoum, and has produced interest and ventures all over the world beginning with the highest building in the world, the only seven-star hotel in the whole world, and then the establishment of several artificial islands, supposedly visible from outer space.

It has already extremely gained the government target as thrilling tourist and holiday paradise destination, perfectly filled with parks and gardens, entertainment, desert adventures, night bars and clubs and historical structures.

Located at the Persian Gulf shore of the United Arab Emirates and approximately 16 meters ft above sea level, Dubai has also drawn international attention through pioneering real estate plans and sports affairs.

It shares political, military, legal and financial functions with the rest of the emirates within a centralized framework, though every emirate has control over some functions like public law enforcement and provision and maintenance of local amenities.

Dubai is a modern city providing tourists a captivating kaleidoscope of differences, a mix of west and east, modern metropolitan and everlasting desert, old-fashioned hospitality and charm, and brand new world convenience and comfort.

With Dubai’s vast oil revenues, the government of Dubai does not need to increase income by means of direct taxation.

The International Airport of Dubai was ranked one of the top ten airports of the world and has more than 20 million commuters go by through its entrance each year, and works with two terminals full of duty free stores. Also, Dubai has an excellent shuttle service coming every 20 minutes in the airport and all over Dubai itself.

As a contemporary day happening city, Dubai has so many to give whether you are searching for an action packed or peaceful break, because of the countless recreational attractions available to vacationers, such as the epitomes of entertainment and fun of amusement themed parks, shop till you drop at the shopping capital of UAE, or the old markets which are a must-see place.

Or when you have a head for tallness and a flaw for the staged helicopter travels for splendid sight that you would bear in mind for a long time, or the interesting way to explore this city will be on a dhow cruise where commuters can have a boat tour up to the creek of Dubai towards the stunning man-made Palm Islands, and discover the historical street of Al-Bastakiya.

Dubai holds a diverse blend of Arabians modern and historic background, which boasts itself in being the biggest and wealthiest, and with pristine sandy beaches to gigantic luxury hotels, Dubai is the most prominent city of the seven emirates that form United Arab Emirates.

When coming on holidays to the city of Dubai, you will have the chance to experience the fantastic Dubai experience made up of pushy scenery and spectacular features. Dubai has something for everybody!